Nominated for the Growth Journey and the Competence Journey

Jun 1, 2021

Aranya can now proudly announce that we are twice nominated for HPe Aruba’s event The Edge, both in the category Growth Journey and the Competence Journey. The event kicks off on June 8th.

HPE Aruba is one of our strategic partners, and Aranya is one of the highest certified companies in HPE Aruba. For our joint successes in the year 2020, Aranya has now been nominated twice in the categories Growth Journey and Competence Journey in their event The Edge. We thank HPE Aruba for all the cooperation over the years and keep our fingers crossed that we will win, and if you as a customer are looking for a competent partner within HPE Aruba do not hesitate to hear from you !

What is The Edge?

It is about each person’s, company’s and organizations’ digital journey, where what happens at the edge, the Edge, influences and inspires. Without that connection, our everyday life and leisure would look completely different. Simply put, it’s at the edge, the Edge, everything happens. Edge brings people, technology and data closer together to do amazing things. But traditional networks have a challenge in dealing with this explosion of data, and IoT and mobile devices continue to challenge security limits. To take the digital transformation further, it’s time to really take a closer look at network and security architecture.