Aranya Care

Qualified support when you need it.


Support when needed

Do you want to run your own environment, but have qualified support available when you really need it?

Then Aranya Care is the right choice for you.


SLA adapted to your needs

Aranya Care is our service for service and support on selected products, with the freedom to choose the level of service that suits you best.

Setting time

Getting help from a provider can often be cumbersome, and valuable time is lost. If you have problems, our qualified technicians will help within the agreed set-up time.

Hardware replacement

Sometimes things go wrong, such as products breaking down. Should this happen to you, we will make sure to replace the product within the agreed time and restore function.

Software updates

Our service desk is on hand to provide you with recommendations regarding the latest software for your products, so that your environment stays up to date and safe.

Information about the job

Aranya Care is our service where we handle Service and Support on network products. The service has several different service levels that give you the freedom to choose the support service and service level that best suits your business.

Aranya Care assures that our qualified technicians are at your disposal to keep the business running, and are on hand if problems arise.

The service includes features below as well as SLA:

NBD 5x8x4 24/7 × 4
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Service desk
Customer Portal
Asset Management
Supplier support
SLA Response time

Aranya Care

When your network is important to you, we can be at hand when you need it most.

– Aranya

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