Aranya is improving its sustainability and quality work

Jun 21, 2021

In the autumn of 2020, we began the work of becoming certified within the Swedish Environmental Base and the Swedish Quality Base. Since the turn of the year, the company has collected all the necessary documentation and taken several measures to meet the requirements – and in April we finally graduated.

– We have decided to work proactively and think even more long-term. The work with the certifications is a long way off, now we continue our growth journey, says Frida Ekström, finance and HR manager at Aranya.

During the spring, Aranya has invested heavily in becoming certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base and the Swedish Quality Base. In order to be certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base, it is required that the business must, among other things, be able to identify positive and negative environmental aspects linked to the use of energy, fuels, goods, services and water, but also chemical products. In connection with the certification of the Swedish Environmental Base, Aranya has invested even more in its sustainability work and set clear environmental goals for the coming years. The second certification from the Swedish Quality Base is based on the business demonstrating a structured quality-assured quality management system to its customers. The purpose is to contribute to both increased customer satisfaction and the business’s strategic focus, which Aranya has succeeded in achieving.

– We want to be certified in both quality and environment because we need to take our responsibility for the climate and contribute to a more sustainable society. Then we see that it creates commitment within the company as well. There are also certain expectations in procurements and we have a number of private customers who demand that we work with both quality and the environment. We simply want to meet these requirements and at the same time increase the well-being of the company and society, says Håkan Helin, partner and product manager at Aranya.

One of the country’s leading players in network communication

Since 2014, Aranya has strived to be one of the leading players in Sweden in network communication and security-related services. The company works with operations and service deliveries of business-critical networks as well as security environments and offers related consulting and product services. In the last six years, the company has doubled its staff five times. Now Aranya is striving to continue its growth journey – with a focus on employees and customers.

– They are our most important gears. It feels especially fun that employee satisfaction has been extremely high during Aranya’s all these years. Over the years, we have had very low staff turnover, which we are very proud of and of course want to stick to. Then it will be difficult the more we grow, but we always work to improve and promote our employees, concludes Håkan Helin.