Millions of children have been forced to leave their homes in war-torn Ukraine. To help the most vulnerable victims of the war, Aranya donates part of the profits in 2021 to UNICEF. The gift is doubled by the Akelius Foundation.

According to the UN children’s organization UNICEF, at least 4.5 million children in Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes since Russia began its invasion on 24 February. This means that 60 percent of all children in the country are on the run. 2 million of them have managed to leave the country for Poland and the Czech Republic, among others. At least 2.5 million children are estimated to be on the run within Ukraine’s borders. Aranya now chooses to donate part of its profits last year to UNICEF’s work, a gift doubled by the Akelius Foundation.

– Russia’s war in Ukraine is a threat to the world order, the open society and all that Aranya stands for. It is also a human tragedy for those living in the country, especially for the children of Ukraine. Therefore, we choose to support one of the organizations that we believe has the best opportunity to provide organized assistance in this situation. And it is UNICEF, says Frida Ekström, HR Manager at Aranya.

Gift for a safe and stimulating old age

Every year, Aranya allocates part of its profits to organizations and companies that work socially. In addition to UNICEF, the money this year also goes to the senior service Gubbe. It is a service where loneliness among the elderly is counteracted by employing young people to help the elderly in everyday life in a close and committed way.

– Many older people suffer from loneliness. Through our gift, Gubbe can give an older person regular visits from a young person for four months. We would like to encourage this form of socially engaged entrepreneurship and think that we in Sweden deserve a safe and stimulating old age, says Frida Ekström.