Aranya is one of seven companies in the Chamber of Deputies’ new framework agreement for public procurement of network and security solutions in IT. The agreement is valued at SEK 2.3 billion.
– We now play on the same half of the field as the largest players in Sweden, says Håkan Helin, Product Owner at Aranya

After a demanding process, Aranya has been selected as one of seven companies in Kammarkollegiet’s new framework agreement Datacenter 2021 – network and security. The agreement means that Aranya has the right to participate in public procurement of IT solutions within the company’s key competencies for the next four years.
– It is not just a proof that we reach the highest level in everything from technical competence to sustainability. This also means that we now play on the same half of the plan as the largest IT players in Sweden. The agreement with Kammarkollegiet is an important part of our growth journey, says Håkan Helin.

Market in pick-up phase

IT solutions in the public sector place high demands not only on security, but also on logistics and technology. Aranya has this ability, which is already being used by major players in the construction and university sectors, among others. The agreement with Kammarkollegiet provides additional direct entrances to a market that is also in a collection phase.
– Investment in the public sector has lagged behind during the pandemic. In addition, during these years, new working methods have been developed that place higher demands on network and associated security. This means that we will most likely experience extra pressure on our solutions, says Håkan Helin.

Natural rose

The agreement enters into force on March 4 and covers hardware, software, as well as services such as network switches, routers, wireless networks and load balancers, as well as firewalls, virtual private networks, intrusion detection and associated management systems.
– We deliver to customers throughout the Nordic region. This is the next natural step on Aranya’s journey, says Håkan Helin.