Aranya makes 2017 to its best year so far. The success is largely due to the choice of maintaining focus on the company’s core areas of network communication and security.
“We see an increased need for specialist expertise in the industry and the safety issue is vital to our customers. The expertise and comprehensive solution we offer makes us unique in the market, says Emil Persson, CEO of Aranya.

Aranyas expertise has given clear results during the year, and 2017, they doubled their turnover with an increased profit margin. The deep expertise that exists within the company is an important part of the success and has given them a strong position in the market especially towards larger organizations. The need for security services and consultants with specialist expertise has increased significantly and this has contributed to the positive development during the year.
“We know that our customers confidence is strong, which is central when we handle security issues and communication solutions. The majority of our newly added customers have also opted for recommendations from existing customers which is a receipt of the strong confidence we have. During the year we have also received our first dedicated salesman on site, and we see a continued positive trend in the operations for 2018, says Emil.

Aranya offers, among other things, wireless and wired networks with high security, application aware firewalls and policy services. The company’s service offerings include Simplify, a platform suite with managed services where Aranya is responsible for the ongoing operation and development of the customer’s network and security. The service also includes a customer portal, including case management and monitoring, where the customer can easily log in and gain full visibility into the services they have ordered.
“Our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for our customers. We achieve this through our high level of competence and flexible solutions so that the customer does not have to worry about the technical, and can focus on developing their business instead. With Aranya Simplify we have also created a unique platform that can be formed according to our customers needs and choice of manufacturers, says Emil Persson.
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