Which service suits your needs?

Each company has its unique needs. In addition to traditional consulting and product services, you have a comparison of our other services below, and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

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Focus on leading suppliers

No one is the best at everything, and technology is always evolving. We make sure to have the latest competence and be able to provide the latest the products from leading manufacturers within their respective areas.

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Qualified IT consulting services

Our expertise is available for your challenges

IT consultants for urgent and long-term needs


What we can help you with:

Configuration & Installation

We are happy to help you with configuration of software or hardware as desired, our technicians are used to working in teams and project form.

Operation & Troubleshooting

Do you have a problem in your environment that you want to get to the bottom of? We can assist with troubleshooting from radio analysis to incident management. So far we have not encountered anything we can not solve, so feel free to challenge us.

Strategy & Analysis

Are you facing a major project and need specialist help to set the right requirements for the network? Whether it is a procurement, feasibility study or requirements for implementation, we can help you.

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