We now welcome Ola Ehrstedt who is a new chairman of the Board of Aranya, and succeeds Håkan Helin. During his years in the IT industry Ola has held several roles as CEO, manager and leader in various positions.

Aranya is now investing in an expanded presence in the West region and opens office in Gothenburg, where we also greet two new employees named Fredrik Preinfalk and Hans Görrel welcome.

We gladly welcome Jonas in the role of network Architect at Aranya!

Jonas comes from the role of infrastructure Architect at Tieto, where he has built up a solid experience, primarily focused on PKI and Aruba’s portfolio.

Network architect Christoffer Jacobsson at the company Aranya has – as one of only two people in Sweden – been named HPe Aruba Partner Ambassador Program.

Aranya makes 2017 the best year ever. The success is largely due to the choice of specialized business…