For The Year 2018 we donate our 1% to The Ocean Cleanup


We at Aranya are passionate about not only doing good for our customers and employees, we also want to do our bit to improve the world we all live in. Therefore, we have decided that from this year 1% of our profits will always go to charitable causes, that is something we believe all companies should be able to afford.

The year 2018 was a profitable year for Aranya and it results in approximately 20 000 kronor being donated to the non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup ( The Ocean Cleanup operates a very ambitious project that aims to clean up plastics that have ended up in our seas. Plastics in the oceans affect not only marine wildlife but also find themselves in the food chain where also we humans are included.

We do not think that plastics have in the seas to do and therefore chose this year to support The Ocean Cleanup!