Employee Christoffer appointed honorary program at HPe Aruba



Network architect Christoffer Jacobsson at the company Aranya has – as one of only two people in Sweden – been named HPe Aruba Partner Ambassador Program.

“It’s a quality mark on all the hard work we do. We are a small company, with only eleven employees, but still one of the few companies that have this role in all of Europe, says Christoffer Jacobsson.

Christoffer Jacobsson is one of the founders of Aranya, a company that specializes in network communication and corporate security. He works primarily with designing and constructing networks, and among his clients are well-established companies such as Åhléns, Kicks and construction company NCC.

“The future of technology is often very uncertain. It is a case of planning ahead. Trying to sniffing out what the customer thinks will happen in their industry in two or four years. “The challenge is to get good solutions that last long,” he says.

One of the suppliers of customer solutions that he works most frequently with is Aruba, a company within the HPe group. Over the years, he has learned their products well and had close contact with the company, often with comments on how they could improve their products. Now he has been appointed to become one of two ambassadors in Sweden and becomes even more of a partner.

-We are out doing jobs in reality, and encounter real problems. “Oops, this should work in this way!” When I see these needs on the market, I will take them to Aruba so that they can improve their products.

Aruba’s Ambassador program is an initiative that highlights profiles of partners who have achieved the highest level of certification and have extensive experience from practical work with their network solutions. All over Europe there are only 50 ambassadors. As an ambassador he is also invited to Aruba’s headquarters to participate in discussions about future products and their roadmap.

-I look forward to going to the USA and meet their product management and hear about their plans for the future and to give the input that I have, says Christoffer Jacobsson.

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