Aranya Simplify – A platform that


Our platform for Network as a Service (NaaS)

We deliver NaaS through our in-house developed platform Simplify , all at a fixed monthly cost. For you as a customer, this means full transparency, high quality and great opportunities for integration.

In other words, we deliver true NaaS.


Access to skills

Our platform is built on several years of experience from support technicians, network architects and developers. Our common goal is for you as a customer to have as modular and reliable a network environment as possible.

Primary functions


Together we put together a recommended and suitable design to match your needs.


Pay a fixed cost per month where we are responsible for operation and development, you focus on what you are best at.


Our support is available when needed and you always have access to all matters via the customer portal.

Life cycle management

We take care of your old hardware, and make sure that your current environment is always modern.

We offer Simplify in the following business areas

Simplify SD-WAN

Simplify SD-WAN is our service for a stable and functional WAN architecture regardless of connection type.

Simplify LAN

Simplify LAN is our service for providing wired access to your business.

Simplify Policy

Simplify Policy is our service for a complete authentication platform, with additional features for guest management and IoT.

Simplify WLAN

Simplify WLAN is our service for providing wireless access to your business.

Simplify Next-Gen Firewall

Complete protection for your business.

Simplify VPN

Simplify VPN is our service for providing VPN access to your business.


About Aranya Simplify

We carefully consider our options in each design and perform extensive tests to ensure the best combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness in each assignment.

– Aranya

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