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Qualified IT consulting services

Our expertise is available for your challenges. At Aranya, constant competence development is very close to the heart, which is also evident in all the technical certifications our employees have. This gives you as a customer a sense of security that we can effectively find solutions to your specific challenges.


Quick facts:

  • 18 consultants
  • 3 regions
  • 77 technical certifications

We can assist with help in the following areas

Strategy work

Are you facing a major project and need specialist help to get the right requirements for the network? We can help you with procurement, feasibility study or requirements.

Ongoing operation

We can assist with ongoing operations and development in both shorter and longer assignments. We have experience of operating some of the largest networks in the Nordic region and know what works.


We are happy to help you with configuration of software or hardware as desired, our technicians are used to working in teams and project form.

Site Survey

At the site survey, we inspect your radio environment, this can be both before or after installation of a wireless network and has several advantages.

Network analysis

What does your network look like today? What are the risks and what can be improved? Contact us to make a complete report to help you in decision making.

Installation in property

With the help of our subcontractors, we can assist with project management and physical installation in your premises, everything from smaller office space to larger head offices.


Do you have a problem in your environment that you want to get to the bottom of? So far we have not encountered anything we can not solve, so feel free to challenge us.


Aranya People

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